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How to add a user

Adding a new user

To generate/add a new user, log into the system and navigate to the “Users” item in the main menu:

Add User

Create New User

When viewing the Users section of the admin, press the green “Add New User” button as show below:

User List

Choose User Type

When you add a new user to the system, you must choose the user role from the options drop down. The role you selectwill determine the features and level of access the new user you are creating has:

User Role

User Types

You have the option to add:

  • Administrator
  • Service Advisor
  • Technician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer
  • Dealership Representative

The user role you select will provide specific notification settings based on that role. Once you’ve selected a role, complete the Name, Email and Phone inputs before you proceed to the Notification Settings.

Notification Settings

Below is an example of the notification settings for a new user being created as an Administrator. Please complete the notification settings for the new user you are creating based on the set of options which appear in your admin. Not all user roles will require notification settings.


Dealership Selection

The final step of creating a new user may require Dealership Selection. Not all user roles require Dealership Selection but if the user role you are creating does, you have the option of providing the user access to all dealerships or only specific dealerships.

Toggle access to all dealerships:
When the toggle switch is set to all (as shown below), the user will have access to all Dealerships.

All Dealerships

Access to specific dealerships:
If you want to give only specific dealership access to a user, toggle the switch for all dealerships to off. You may choose individual dealership access for the user by clicking on each dealership name as shown below.

Specific Dealership

Save your user settings

Once you have made all of your new user selections, activate or save the user by pressing the “Save” button at the base of the view:

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